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Yo, Max Keiser here. I don't always wear clothes, but when I do, I wear Satoshi Label. You should go with the flow and grab some of their sick merch.

Max Kaiser

TV Host and Bitcoin Investor

As a Bitcoin president and a hodler, I love Satoshi Label's unique designs that promote the Bitcoin message. This is what we wear in El Salvador!

Nayib Bukele

Head of State, Bitcoin proponent

I'm not a financial advisor, but I can tell you that buying merch from Satoshi Label is a good investment. You'll look handsome and support Bitcoin at the same time.

Knut Svanholm

Bitcoin educator and author

If you're looking for dope merch that makes you feel like a Bitcoin CEO, check out Satoshi Label shop. There is no second best!

Michael Saylor

Bitcoin CEO

I used to be all about gold, but then I discovered Bitcoin merch from Satoshi Label. Now I can't stop stacking sats and buying hoodies.

Dr. Saifedean Ammous

Economist, author of The Bitcoin Standard

I used to be a maximalist, but then I found Satoshi Label's Bitcoin-only merch. Now I'm a hodling fashionista.


Bitcoin researcher and author

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